Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mixed feelings

My life has expended.
In a normal day,
I work. I watch porn. I masturbate. I sleep. I work.
I realised that is my life unhealthy.
Knowing that life is lonely because of not having another life partner
makes me rethink
My career.
My Job.
And what I am going to accomplish in another 5 years

Before I am old

My company is having a big restructuring.
Many of our staff resigned.
For me,
Because I am commitee to my new house.Car.Loans.
I am tie to the knot.

Friends started to ask me to join AMWAY as a side income.
People invited me to attend financial seminars.
Insurans seminars. Investment seminars.
While the others live life as they imagine it to be.
watching movies, Happy go lucky...

At times I wonder what is happening
I wonder

My brother was in AMWAY before.
No doubt he earns a bit,
But he spends also a bit there... $$$

And the inner self of mines that worked in an MLM company marketing before
tells me that...
It is about
Profit margin.
Marketing .

As the economy grows bad to worse.
Apart of Health care system that won't be affected so much.
The second to florish in this season will be on MLM..


But again.
The reason of flourishing MLM is
People don't want to be lonely.
And definitely there is something call HOPE that makes people look forward to their lives
Each and every day.
'My upline will not lie to me -- because if I succeed, he succeed even more...' ( a friend )
'Earn as much as ... and even you are dead, your money is rolling in..' (Security)
'Starting a business requires a lot of money, start small'...
'Be professional, even a garbage man can become CROWN!!!'
'He quits he GM post in the company just to be FULL TIME in AMWAY!!'

no doubt that MLM have its own attractive sides,
I can only ask a question to myself,
Is this what I want?

*P/S Sorry to those that really into MLM company. It is just merely my feeling for now..