Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chapter Nine - A new beginning

There are times when we did the wrong things, got punished..
But life goes on.
We learn.
We grew..
and in somehow we became stronger.


Jonathan did the same thing as well.

After the club incident, he felf part of himself lost.
And decided to quit his job in Penang and transfer to Kuala Lumpur.
He can't bear the past here and decided that he needs a fresh new start.

He dyed his hair autumn red.
It was those color that is a combination of green and red that will make one's face shine.

He changed his clothings.
He changed his life.


It was only then he met with his prince charming.

There is a saying, bear the rain and you will see rainbow.
So will Jonathan.

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Atas berubah tingkat bawah penuh nepotisme dan kong kalikong, hukum di ecer