Saturday, October 24, 2009

End... of Jonathan

Dear Friend...

I really think I sucked in writing stories.
That goes my writing career..
Well.. It's definitely not the end of Jonathan.
He is .. Living his life. The fullest.

So is me. Living my life.
For everyone's information,
I am Officially 'Celebrity Gym member' .

Joined the first time.
Why I joined?

The fitness consultant (Front desk sales) asked me a question.
"Either you want to be like this forever or do something now."
"We are offering a chance for you to be a celebrity. Or be like one!"

"Let me consider first..."
"Which credit card are you using.?"
"I want to consider first.."
"Ok.. Which credit card are you using?"
"Can I have a look at your credit card?"
".... "
"I thought I mention I want to consider first?"
"No.. I will decide for you ."

And I ended up signing in.

"Remember, you are the best!"

I seriously needs his persuation skill..

Then he sent me to another fitness consultant.

That looked like "sylvester stallone"
"Are you serious? to become a gym member."
"Then you will need my class.."
"No, I am poor."
"Then you should leave. Because you are not ready."

Where I signed in another course of Personal Trainer.

I officially announced, I am a celebrity member and BROKE because of the Personal Trainer course 20 classes (RM 140 per class of one hour)

and seriously again. I am not a good in talks like this...
And after I joined.
I found that there is not a single 'leng chai' there to 'KAP' (Cantonese- meaning admire)


ANyway. I can only wait... No more swimming. But there will be sauna stories.

Errr... got one already. But I will keep it for next post. THanks again. My friends.


Legolas said...

I have the same problem with writing on the go, I can never finish the story. That's why this time I wrote it all and then post them up one by one.

Anyway, if you really don't feel like joining, you should reject them. Don't they need your signature at least? Just don't sign the thing.

Little Dove said...

I wish we can read more of Jonathan. Really enjoyed reading it.

p/s: Was the fitness consultant really irresistible? ;p

Chris said...

How much u pay for the gym per month?

Emo-Happiness said...

True lo. But again, I am living my life more as I am meeting more people and learning from them. I think I will resume Jonathan's tale once I got more experience.
Like Jonathan, I met with Jack.. At the swimming pool. The story of Jonathan is a bit of my life here and there.
ANd gym.. Its a silly move to sign the personal trainer thingy, but will wait and see what happens next.

Little Dove,
Thanks for the comment. Jonathan is not over yet. FYI, The fitness consultant was not really irresistible, it is more of myself wants to be a better person. A stronger person..

Gym is RM 109 per month. Personal trainer course is RM2188 that I need to take it within 2-3 month, if not forfeit...
Wanna join? Bet everyone is watching you .. he he.